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We understand small business and start-ups.    Your success is about finding a path to sustainability for your idea, and a lot has to go right.     


You shouldn’t rely on guesswork and luck...they can both turn on you. 


Consider help if:

  • You’ve got a great idea, and now need to move from ‘pre-revenue’ to ‘going concern’.

  • You are not getting the positive customer reactions you expect.

  • You’ve captured one or more beachhead accounts but are struggling to build on them.

  • Your small business is established but stagnant or shrinking, and need fresh perspective.

  • You aren't sure what to expect from a mature Sales and Marketing function.  

  • You do most of the Sales and Marketing yourself and need to make the next step.




Help for Smaller Businesses

Exponent Innovations offers affordable commercialization strategy services that we can right-size for your business.  In custom engagements ranging from days to months, we invest our time and expertise in bringing your ideas to market.

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