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Customized Strategy Services

Digital Transformation is  not about technology.    In fact, the useful life of technology is shorter than ever.  

Digital Transformation  is a competitive strategy for building a resilient and innovative organization through widespread orchestration of people, practices, IT and data.   


It involves a significant shift in behaviour and culture toward curiosity, supported by disciplined technology & practices.   ​  These are the traits we borrow from today's most successful digitally native  companies.

At Exponent Innovations,  we give   practical, affordable help to:

  • rewrite the future of your business,

  • adapt sustainable capabilities to thrive during rapid change, and

  • build an agile culture of continuous innovation and curiosity.


Building a 'Learning Machine'

When framing the characteristic of Digital Transformation, think of how you might re-think   your business into a Learning Machine:  


  • What data do we have about our customer/vendor/employee?

  • What untapped data exists, and how might we acquire it?

  • What new sources of information might we create?

  • How do we test a new idea?

  • Where in the value chain can we measure/test?

  • How do we know we are doing well or poorly?

  • What conclusions can we draw, and with what confidence level?

  • Who needs to be informed?  Who needs to act?

  • How has our knowledge improved?

  • How might we monetize this knowledge?


  • How do we mechanize our tests and measures?

  • How does it become our new workflow?

  • How do we achieve reliable and repeatable performance?

  • How   does answering questions   become more efficient over time?

  • How do we scale our curiosity?

This may look familiar to you.    It shares many of the foundational principles from

  • Lean Startup BLM (Build-Measure-Learn)

  • Deming/Shewhart PDCA Cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

  • Design for Six Sigma DMADV (Define-Measure-Analyze-Design-Verify)

Some Simple Illustrations

How might we improve customer experience when dealing with our Tech Support?
  • Apply Sentiment Analysis to score    historical and ongoing correspondence

  • Identify individual coaching targets for front-line staff

  • Measure and report progress objectively 

  • Eventually build chat-bots to automate with high quality

How might we shorten the backlog of Procurement contracts needing review?

  • Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to pre-screen all vendor contract amendments

  • Automate recommendations to Legal  Counsel

  • Use same technology for retrospective risk assessment of old contracts

  • Prioritize workloads based on risk and value

  • Measure and report objectively

How might we identify the best location for  new pedestrian crossing?

  • Overlay Machine Vision to  existing street cameras

  • Generate granular pedestrian and traffic  counts

  • Use same technology to assess condition of city-managed spaces (landscaping, snow removal, etc.)

  • Prioritize workloads and budgets based on objective reporting

  • Sell the data as a service to commercial developers

How might we be smarter in scheduling factory maintenance windows?

  • Implement a Digital Twin for equipment on the plant floor.

  • Overlay  analytics to optimize   maintenance schedule

  • Add cheap IoT environmental sensors to augment the dataset

  • Add weather, staff schedule, commodity prices, etc

  • Adjust manufacturing strategy based on holistic view plant

For more ideas on Digital Transformation, please visit our Blog.

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