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Innovation and Transformation pose a unique Change Management challenge.    Unlike well-defined technology implementations or corporate reorgs, the initial outcomes are generally more aspirational  and activities are more experimental.   

All too often, innovation programs become   targets of corporate immune response.    In fact, most such innovation initiatives fail for precisely this reason...they get smothered by legacy interests and bureaucracy. 


 Using a standards-based approach, we help you build change strategies and plans that overcome a natural aversion to   innovative change.   We offer Change Management services:  


Assessing Impacts and Readiness for Change

Assess the readiness, ability and capacity of    all internal and external stakeholders:

  • Definitions, charter, and  rationale

  • Consequences of failure

  • Vision (outcomes, behaviours)

  • Objectives, goals, and success criteria

  • Leadership alignment/commitment

  • Stakeholders and impacts

  • Gaps and suggested realignment

  • Cultural  implications

  • Change capacity / saturation risks

  • Productivity risks

  • Skills readiness

  • Communication needs

  • Learning needs

  • Measures to help recalibrate Executive risk tolerance and expectations

Strategy and Plan for Executing

your Change

Develop strategy and detailed execution plan for key components of the change:

  • Communication

  • Sponsor accountabilities, activities and   alignment

  • Stakeholder engagement and resource plan

  • Organization and process design

  • Culture and behaviour change

  • Impact assessment and management

  • Readiness

  • Learning and development

  • Performance management

  • Risk management

  • Measurement and benefits realization

  • Sustainability management

  • Integration with Project Plan


Execute the Plan and Sustain Performance

Execute, monitor, measure, report and course-correct :

  • Change Plan

  • Human resources

  • Financial resources

  • Information resources

  • Physical resources

  • Communication activities

  • Change completion


We use best practices:     The ACMP Standard


We are a member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP). 


The ACMP has developed a comprehensive industry Standard for Change Management practices, which we have adapted for Innovation Programs and Digital Transformation.

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