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Building a Fearless Future

Digital Transformation is a response to the accelerating changes that surround us – which the World Economic Forum calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution    (aka 'Industry 4.0').    

At today's pace, such innovations can be disorienting and intimidating.    But they don't need to be.


Our purpose is to help organizations confidently and fearlessly build their future self.


Your Super-Powers for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Enterprises that thrive in Industry 4.0 will be those who develop  new     super-powers   that harness the power of digital technologies.  

But how?  By nurturing  an optimistic, entrepreneurial  culture that develops   confidence through practical experience.  Your team should know   you can get through anything, because you have built the muscle-memory of innovation.      


 At Exponent Innovations, we are energized by the   complexity and challenges driven by the Digital Transformation of commerce and society.  With a little encouragement and structure, everyone has the potential to become an innovator.

“Innovation is a learnable skill.  With strong program design, the raw materials of change can be shaped into a reliable and repeatable approach to continuous innovation.”

Jim Foran

Founder & CEO @ Exponent

Certified Design Sprint Facilitator

What Inspires Us


Human-Centered Innovation

With smart Innovation Programs designed to address human needs along the entire journey, organizations unleash their true creative potential and ensure lasting change. 


Innovation is a Learned Skill

Great ideas are not monopolized by Silicon Valley.  Organizations can achieve real results by practicing   proven methods, regardless of individual backgrounds, locations or industry.


Exponential Technologies level the playing field

For some technologies,  price to performance is improving exponentially year-over-year.  Anyone can now gain advantages of improved economies of scale and market reach. 

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